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June 2022

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Susan is an award-winning speaker and an enthusiastic teacher; author, and fitness and self-care expert who inspires audiences of all sizes, in person and online. Through her Keynote presentations, courses and three health and fitness books, Susan motivates her audiences to own their power to achieve success in life, health, and business. She co-led women’s trips to France and India through Womens Travel Network and was a featured at an International Women’s Day event for entrepreneurs in Jaipur, India and on a Celebrity Cruise Ship. Founder of Power Source for Women (www.powersourceforwomen.com).

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My name is Martinn, and I was born in Paris with British and American cousins with parents who always took the time to entertain friends and family visiting from abroad. Educated as a pharmacist, I was also a French language and culture teacher at the American School of Paris in Saint Cloud Garches, from 2003 to 2006. Now, as life will have it, I am the host at a BnB in Paris 2°, arrondissement offering guests a taste of the city through key2paris.com

Dawn Levine is the owner of Avalon Lavender Farm – along with her husband, Alexis – a mother to three and a former political communications planner. She bought her 55 acre farm in 2019, and boldly leapt into the world of agriculture, agritoursim, and product making shortly after. You can learn more on Instagram at @AvalonLavender or  www.avalonlavenderfarm.ca

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I wasn’t always spinning yarns. Before I started my own business by opening Fleece and Harmony, I was neck deep in the corporate world.  I found myself living in a large city, commuting 3 hours a day to an office and working 50 hour weeks. Originally from Nova Scotia, I was missing the the ocean, space and a place to find peace and quiet. My husband and I found a farm for sale in rural PEI and made the move 10 years ago. We are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and are the caretakers of 25 sheep, two horses and 8 angora rabbits.
To learn more, visit: https://www.fleeceandharmony.com   

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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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