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Maude Leger, Founder and CEO

A Passion For A Hobby Developed Into
 A Successful Business Enterprise

It All Started with One Customer

Welcome to the Share Your Stories series in support of the entrepreneurial spirit…

We feature stories of ordinary people, just like you and me, who are doing extra ordinary things, connecting with their communities and pursuing their own brand of success.

In our gig economy, we need to encourage business innovation because every new company starts out as an incubator business. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor with a support network and each business mogul will remember the days when they started in the trenches with a great idea.

Each person who shares their story has been on a journey that started with a lightbulb moment, taking a leap of faith to start a business and share their great idea…

Maude Leger is a powerhouse entrepreneur who demonstrates tenacity and resilience in her approach to both life and business. What started as a childhood passion for taking photo’s turned into a marketing venture with a great idea in support of assisting others to grow their business!

She has a heartfelt story, and a passion for the arts, using a camera that by chance developed into an entrepreneurial venture starting with one customer.

Maude moved from Montreal to Hamilton accepting a marketing contract in Oakville. When Maude arrived, she did not speak a word of English, teaching herself the language by watching movies with subtitles.  She purchased a house in Hamilton on the mountain, renovating and updating it’s look in her spare time.  

Determined to succeed and start a new life.

It wasn’t long before she realized her new life-style would not support the long commute.  Maude contacted her real estate agent and together they staged each room getting ready to list her home.  At the end of that day Maude offered to take the pictures for the listing and they began to discuss how she was going to market Maude’s home.

A simple discussion on marketing, created a lightbulb moment and Maude offered to do a short video, highlighting the changes and telling a visual story of the features and benefits. 

The agent loved the idea!

They featured the short video on-line and the house sold, fast and it was the highest house price in the neighbourhood.  It sold at full asking, in a very slow market… a great idea was born. 

Seizing the opportunity,  Maude started a side-hustle; working with agents using videos to sell other listings.  When it was time to renew her contract, she decided to start Sold Right Away, a company that to this day offers marketing solutions for Realtors.

What started with one employee, representing one Realtor has now grown to 13 members in her team representing over 500 Realtors.  She has been in business for over 12 years and applied her creativity to her own brand identity. Creating innovative tag lines that have supported her own target market:

Starting with…. “Professional Videos for Realtors”

then… “Effective Marketing for Realtors on the Grow”

Now…     “You Work Hard Selling Real Estate. We Work Hard Selling You!”

Serving over 500 realtors, Maude is ready for the next chapter in her own growth journey and is up for the challenge… expansion.  She has become a maverick in the industry, updating her services with state of the art technology and this year will expand to include businesses that support the industry.  Builders, trades, landscapers, stagers and designers  – anyone who helps homeowners with their biggest asset is now a potential customer for Leger Media. These two companies will create innovative marketing campaigns featuring your home to potential buyers and connect families with the community.

As the winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce in 2018: 

“I am so honoured to receive the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. My journey has involved a lot of hard work, dedication, and willpower. For all of the other inspiring entrepreneurs out there that are working 17 hour days like I was, I promise you it’s worth it. Looking back at where I started, and seeing where I am now, I am so proud of the company I have built. Thank you, Burlington Chamber, for recognizing this as well.”

With a commitment to the community,  Maude is now taking on the position as Board of Directors Chair for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce in April of 2020.  Tirelessly working in support of other entrepreneurs and creating connections within the community.  Maude’s focus will be on the “Year of Growth” ensuring that Burlington as a city continues to be one of the best business communities in the province. 

It is amazing to see how passion and a hobby developed into a successful business enterprise with new adventures on the horizon.

Here are few highlights on Maude’s story:

1) Tell us a little something about your business …

At Sold Right Away, we are impacting the real estate industry though our innovative marketing tools and strategies. We give real estate agents the confidence and support they need to grow a successful business. We are a service company. It all started in my basement. I was selling my own place and wanted to take photos of the property for the Realtor. She loved them! From there, we went from 1 employee to 13, from working with 1 Realtor to over 400 and having 2 office locations! I have big goals to expand Sold Right Away in multiple cities throughout Canada/U.S.

2)      When was your lightbulb moment?

I have been considered a leader since my childhood. Getting in trouble sometimes and helping my friends start entrepreneurial ventures from a young age!  I moved out of my parents house in my teens, while in high school and then moved to Burlington. I started this company from scratch.  I had absolutely no help financially, neither from friends, family, nor the bank. I risked everything I owned. It took over 6 years of very hard work, working over 110 hours per week before I was able to truly live the success that I had built. Lots of sacrifices and hard work is all I can say about this success story. I put everything aside in my life to build this business and I am very proud of what it is today and what it will be in the future.

3) Three words of advice…Integrity…Innovation…Education

Being coachable, always seeking innovation and believing in continual
education are keys to success and growth that I live by every day!

We thank Maude for sharing her story and wish her continued success as she continues to expand and connect with her community.  If you’d like to speak with Maude…visit her website and start a new conversation.

Check out our live interview on Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real: https://youtu.be/2NcdAHmEJTE


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