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Maxine Warsh, Anti-Ageing Skincare and Eduction

Here’s To Your Ageless Beauty

Anti-Aging Skincare and Education

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We feature stories of ordinary people, just like you and me, who are doing extra ordinary things, connecting with their communities and pursuing their own brand of success.

In our gig economy, we need to encourage business innovation because every new company starts out as an incubator business. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor with a support network and each business mogul will remember the days when they started in the trenches with a great idea.

Each person who shares their story has been on a journey that started with a lightbulb moment, taking a leap of faith to start a business and share their great idea…



When you meet Maxine you are drawn to her boundless energy, warm smile and positive attitude. We were introduced at a women’s networking event almost 10 years ago, and I was immediately taken with her appearance. Not only did she have flawless skin, but, a definite fashion sense with confidence, style and grace.

We started a conversation talking about one of her products the WARSH Cloth™ “All You need is Water.” A unique approach to skincare that just made sense!

I was so interested in hearing more about her business and the story behind the story…that we continued the conversation over coffee.

Since arriving in Toronto from Miami some 27 years ago, Maxine established herself as a top expert in skincare with natural anti-aging and facial rejuvenation. She introduced cosmetic Micro-current as a non-invasive, non-surgical option that allows baby boomers to look and feel their best. What started as a treatment for shingles, became a great idea…

Maxine’s Mom had a bout with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in the inner ear), about 21 years ago, and the treatment she received created a great idea. In fact, Maxine felt she had found the fountain of youth.

The therapist discussed how Micro-current was anti aging and could slow down the appearance of aging anywhere from 5-25 years, Maxine decided to give it a try.

Prior to starting treatment she was having undiagnosed pain in her teeth. Neither her doctor nor dentist were able to find the cause. After 5 treatments she noticed that the pain disappeared! When she told the technician, she said she wasn’t surprised. “People are always reporting positive side effects that are unforeseen.”

Always curious about positive outcomes, Maxine was excited to share her news with her husband and describes his reaction:
“I was so excited to tell my husband about my “healing” and share my experience, but before I could, David looked at me like he was looking at me for the first time. I asked him what he was looking at and he said, YOU!, you look really good, does she do men?!” I told him, I saw men going in for treatments but more important, my teeth healed, and I wanted to go into this business!”

David said, “Go for it!”

Behind every successful women is a supportive partner…

Maxine returned to Toronto and soon set up a business offering services to her friends and before long they were sharing their results with their friends and as the saying goes “and so, on and so on”

Soon, she was building a business of busy women who were looking for natural options to enhance their appearance and her micro-current treatments were just what they were looking for.

This was not only non-evasive but with no downtime the benefits were more than just skin deep. She noticed her clients were smiling, began to feel better and happier with their experience.

There’s a whole philosophy that encompasses being youthful and its not just about a pretty face. A youthful attitude creates a sense of confidence and when we feel good about ourselves we begin to see an outer glow. No matter what age. When we feel better about ourselves it has a positive effect on everything we do.

That is not to say that everything in life is effortless because the difficulties we encounter creates a perspective for being not only thankful but grateful. There is grace even in difficult times and it is evident in our face!

One thing is for sure, both perspectives are a state of mind and how we feel is a big part of life’s journey.

A few years later, on a trip to Florida to visit with friends and family Maxine, made another discovery….a sample Facecloth that allowed you to remove makeup, exfoliate and cleanse. Maxine tried the cloth and found it became a regular part of her daily skin routine. So pleased with the results, she began to source suppliers to purchase a similar fabric in bulk and manufacture quantities that would allow her to share with her clients.

This was a great low cost solution that would enhance your appearance and contribute to that youthful glow and it would be a wonderful gift to share with customers.

A “thank you for your business.”

A brainstorm with David began to create a name for this new discovery. With the last name of “Warsh” how could you not paraphrase…”The Warsh Cloth” was born.

Talk about brand identity!

It wasn’t long before her customers began to ask if they could buy the “warsh cloth” as they too felt is was a great idea. So back to the drawing board, Maxine connected with her suppliers to ask if they would be able to increase production and of course they said: “Yes.”

They sat at the kitchen table, crunched the numbers and decided on a price for what is now a best selling item for women, men and children.

Sometimes our customers encourage us to share our great ideas!

How the WARSH Cloth™ works?
“The fabulous and best-selling WARSH Cloth™ is made of advanced thinner-than-hair fibres. Just add water to create a unique hydro process to cleanse and exfoliate. Release the surface bond that adheres make-up, dirt, and grime to the skin and wash it all away. The WARSH Cloth™  doesn’t harm your natural acid balance to protect against invasive bacteria and the drying effect of soaps. Try it and you’ll never want to switch.”

This is an example of how every time Maxine, followed her intuition it lead to sharing another great idea. Life’s philosophy for this entrepreneur is all about seeking opportunities during times which may present as challenges. A great example of how our perspective is all in our attitude and when we decide to look through a different lens we may create positive outcomes.

Maxine has a “joie de vivre” that she shares:
How many times are we ready to call it quits when business gets hard?
“Never give up”

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