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Jessica Keats - International Healer

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Welcome to the Share Your Stories series in support of the entrepreneurial spirit…

We feature stories of ordinary people, just like you and me, who are doing extra ordinary things, connecting with their communities and pursuing their own brand of success.

In our gig economy, we need to encourage business innovation because every new company starts out as an incubator business. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor with a support network and each business mogul will remember the days when they started in the trenches with a great idea.

Each person who shares their story has been on a journey that started with a lightbulb moment, taking a leap of faith to start a business and share their great idea…

Are you looking for a “Secret Weapon” to support you in your life?

There are times when we just need a little extra wisdom and confidence to continue on our journey and live our best life. Jessica Keats is an 
 International Healer, working with individuals and businesses to increase and maximize their potential.

Your “Secret Weapon.”

Her profound abilities of healing, intuition and strategy and mediumship make her the person behind the success of powerful people, 
 entrepreneurs and professionals.


Jessica uses her skill of mediumship to speak with the spirit or higher self of her clients. This ability helps her get to the bottom of what is holding her clients back and by listening to her intuition and guidance she is able to heal and shift her clients towards awakening their true potential.

Jessica is often told her presence is relaxing, connecting with her clients on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.


She has the ability to encourage a safe zone for you to unlock your truth and express your inner self.

Jessica began her journey to entrepreneurship by moving to Ottawa with her family in 2005, a decision she says was a gift from the universe. While in her new community she began to align herself with networking groups where introductions led to strengthening community relationships with heartfelt referrals.

This approach was strategic and she soon found herself with an influential mentor “Eugeniya Tsetlin-Paliga” urging her to step forward and take on more challenging roles within the Women’s Business Network – Ottawa. This group was a community of likeminded Business Women that 
 encouraged Jessica’s growth, celebrating her personal and professional evolution. Through time, Jessica accepted a position on the board and is now the President of this supportive women’s network. Her commitment to the organization confirms her passion for women embracing their full potential and finding their inner power while becoming the leaders they are meant to be.

A great example of how connecting with your community will often
 support your personal and professional goals. With 98% of her 
 business through referrals Jessica values the connections and 
 introductions received through her network.

What started as a networking introduction soon became an opportunity for her to receive strength and support through a business mentor. An 
 individual who supports your vision and opens the doors to future 
 opportunities. These relationships have become symbiotic as Jessica helps her clients to unlock their passion and reach their full potential.

To continue with her work internationally, Jessica is now offering her 
 services on-line and has three tips for those who choose virtual 

1) Choose a quiet uninterrupted place
2) Find a comfortable position and relax
3) Be creative and loose your inhibition

Jessica will take it from there… exploring and introducing you to 
 opportunities to express your true self and unlock your truth.

Here are a few highlights on Jessica’s story….

1) Tell us a little something about your business …

I help men, women and children find out who they are and what their life’s purpose is. Then I clear off all the false information, negative thoughts, old beliefs, past traumas and behaviour patterns in their way so they can be the best version of themselves and stop getting hung up, stuck and held back. I do this same work for people, businesses and the world. Behind my journey of healing self and evolving, was a constant feeling that this world could be better and we could be better in it and for it. This growing feeling and continued guidance and encouragement from God/Source/Di- vine motivated me to keep walking and stepping forward, to take risks, to believe anything was possible and to trust.

2) When was your lightbulb moment?

My lightbulb moment, spring of 2019, was when I realized that I was as powerful as the Wind, The Ocean, The Volcano, The Storm, I finally knew my Value and others did too. It was a pure feeling of power, value and 
 confidence that I had not known before and it has continued to grow and expand and with it the opportunities in my business and personal life 
 continue to grow and expand. Because of this shift inside of me I took on bigger leadership roles and became very strategic with my actions, all the while listening to and following guidance from God/Source/Divine.

3) Three words of advice…Listen…You Are Not Alone

Listen – You are not alone. There are guides trying to help you so make moves to find Healers like me to help you hear and trust this guidance and become one with it. It will change your life.

As a positive force for change, we believe Jessica is in the right place to influence others passionate about their connections within their own
 communities who are brave enough to explore a ew roadmap of how to 
 arrive at their authentic self!

We thank Jessica for sharing her story and wish her continued success as she continues to support and empower others on their journey. If you’re 
 interested in speaking with Jessica, visit her website and start a new conversation through her Contact page.

Check out our live interview on Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real: https://youtu.be/sm8r_0XGzgo

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