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Kick Start Your Great Idea and Recalibrate Your Personal GPS

Welcome to Our Workshop Series 

$50.00 USD

Approx 60 Minutes

Kick Start Your Great Idea with Mia Jerritt 
Recalibrate Your Personal GPS with Trish Tonaj

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Meet the Speakers:

Mia Jerritt joins us from Comox, B.C.  She is an author, solopreneur, speaker and professional coach.
She brings 30 years of practical skills to the world of coaching. Her extensive background in health and fitness, along with her entrepreneurial skills, allows her to speak from a place of knowledge, experience and humour.
Visit Mia

As an added bonus:
Trish Tonaj, founder and host for this series is a speaker, business coach, author and
consultant on all things entrepreneurial.
I will share few ideas on how to Recalibrate Your Personal GPS

Meet the Speakers:
Check out the video

During the workshop, we will share these resources:
1) Understand How To Unleash Your Potential
2) Overcome Obstacles and Turn Disillusionment into Possibilities
3) Recalibrate Your Personal GPS with 12 Personal Tools

Interested in Follow-Up?
e-mail keelin@trishtonaj.com for the following:
1) PDF – Coaching Workbook
2) E-Book – A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools by Trish Tonaj

Thank you for joining us! 

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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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