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The Law of Attraction and What Is Your Vision?

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$50.00 USD
Approx 60 Minutes

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Meet the Speakers: 
Joe Grushkin, a serial entrepreneur for over 38 years, has built businesses in New England, Canada, owned a Franchise in the Shipping industry, served as a business coach for SMB owners. In addition, Joe founded and built a digital signage advertising network with 350 screens, a Social Media Management Company and the National Association of Local Businesses. He loves working with “like-minded” Entrepreneurs, Networking and personal development. Joe is married to Pam (since 1987), with 3 adult daughters, and lives near the beach in Jupiter Florida with his wife and dog “Harry”…
Joe will take us through the 5 steps of creating the life we want by using the “Law of Attraction.”
Connect with Joe and his team at www.NAOLB.com

As an added bonus:
Trish Tonaj  is a speaker, marketing consultant, leadership coach and author on all things entrepreneurial who will take you through an exercise on creating your “Vision”.

Meet the Speakers

During the workshop, we will share these resources:
1) How to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want!
2) 5 Steps to the Law of Attraction
3) 5 Steps to Creating Your Vision

Interested in Follow-Up?
e-mail keelin@trishtonaj.com for the following:
1) Special offer from Joe
2) Copy of the on-line “Vision” module from Trish

Thank you for joining us!

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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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