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An advocate for social impact, Layne’s work as The Auctionista has raised over $40 million for charity. Prior to becoming Canada’s Top Fundraising Auctioneer and creating a powerhouse company, Layne successfully pivoted from working as a Financial Advisor to Director of Development at an Ontario-based charity. Now, Layne is one of the most coveted and respected auctioneers and keynote speakers, with a sparkling reputation for personal storytelling that connects. Layne is continually moving the dial on philanthropy and making communities stronger.  Connect with Layne here…

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Since 2001, Karen Stultz has been coaching, studying, and designing programs and retreats for solution-focused entrepreneurs. Armed with a degree in hypnotherapy and certifications as a Master Coach and Integrative Wellness Coach, she has empowered women worldwide to reclaim their energy, time, money, and freedom without relying on pharmaceuticals, ensuring there’s more of YOU available for YOU.  As the host of the Awesome Life Podcast, Karen continues to inspire and uplift countless listeners. She resides with her husband of over 50 years in rural Maine. . Connect with Karen here..

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Sonia, a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and self-help enthusiast, fearlessly inspires thousands with her zest for life. Passionate about empowering others, she holds designations in Leadership, Health, and Wellness, and serves her community as a Public Speaker, High Five Facilitator, and Physical Literacy Instructor. Sonia’s advocacy extends to youth and equality in francophone and indigenous services. Connect with Sonia here to explore her commitment to positive change in the community.

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Sonia   Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

Alexia Georgousis is Naturopath and Soul Coach. She has always had a deep connection to ancient wisdom, energy, spirituality, and conscious awareness. Alexia has studied with a variety of innovative spiritual teachers to whom she is eternally grateful. She is passionate about helping others embody their aliveness in order to live as their authentic, creative selves, and most importantly – to know they have always been enough. Connect with Alexia here…

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Isabelle is a registered dietitian, and the co-founder of Remix Snacks. She started Remix back in 2018 during the last year of her undergraduate degree at McGill. Being in the food industry, she knew they could create healthier bean-based snack alternatives with upcycled ingredients, to reduce food waste.
Over the last 5 years, she’s grown their start-up from a school project, to airing on Dragons’ Den, to their snacks now being sold in over 600+ retailers across Canada.
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Kristi is a wife and a mother of two. As a certified teacher, holistic health coach, and energy healer. She is deeply passionate about teaching TEENS methods to heal their body, mind, and soul. Kristi loves sharing her gifts through various channels, including her podcast “Confident Teen,” her book “Body Bliss 2,” and her teen life and confidence coaching business, Teach with Love. Connect with Kristi here….

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Kristi   Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

Hello, I am Isabelle Zimmerman, a Soul Healer and Ascension Teacher on a mission to illuminate the transformative power of connecting with your Spirit Guides. In my vast experience—over 1000 sessions—I’ve witnessed the life-altering shifts that occur when you forge a deep alliance with these cosmic companions.
Ascension, often seen as a lofty idea, becomes a tangible reality. It’s about navigating life’s complexities with the profound guidance of your Spirit Guides.  Connect with Isabelle here…

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As an award-winning team-builder, educator, leader, and coach, I have been a featured speaker at corporate events at Microsoft, Smith-Barney, Puget Sound Energy, Fred Hutch Cancer Care Alliance; and at mega events like The Voices of Women Summit, Family Matters Summit, Health Wealth Wisdom, and The Best You Expo where I’ve shared stages with Marissa Peer, Mas Sajadi, Bernardo Moya, Bill Walsh, and Kim Serafini.
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My back ground is Engineering, I graduated in Aerospace Avionics. In 2011 I moved to London and was fortunate enough to be placed in their graduate engineering program. Not long into the program I was given the opportunity to work in innovation and technology, this is where I discovered my passion for finding ways to use tech to help companies and people. In 2016 I moved back to Australia and started a tech consultancy, which ultimately got me the position of CTO at mOOvement, a corporate start up from Rabobank.
My focus now is on www.TRVLR.ai and bringing it to the forefront of travel AI.

Alison & Chloe met at Harvard Business School (’20) where they bonded as friends over their love of all things food & drink, and were inspired to start SAYSO together. Alison is a lifelong New Yorker, growing up in Westchester County, and Chloe was born & raised in Montreal, Canada. The two have a combined 10+ years of experience in retail and CPG. They both live in New York (Alison in Manhattan and Chloe in Brooklyn!) with their families.
You can learn more about SAYSO  here

Alison Evans joins us in this 5 part series where we interview the finalists
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Closing the loop on the 5 part special series with the winners of the
2023 Enthuse Foundation Pitch Compeition Chloe and Alison

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