We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

We feature international stories from entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who share a passion for their business.  Join us as part of this community in support of the entrepreneurial spirit, mentorship and breaking barriers to success.


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Collaboration and entrepreneurship…
Trish Tonaj is the founder and host of shareyourstories.online.  As an author and speaker on mentorship, she created this platform to connect and feature international business owners and their stories while introducing the person behind the logo in the podcast Keepin’ It Real.  For information on Trish and her business, click here to visit her website.
Laurel Crossley is the founder of  Little Wellness Company a collaboration of indviduals making a difference through workshops and seminars.  As an adult educator,  she has an intuitive leadership style and presents with a sense of humour!  For more information on Laurel and her business, click here to visit her website.
Business innovation fuels great ideas…
Together they are collaborating to open their Rolodex of experience by sharing stories that are live and unscripted, engaging with audiences and encouraging others to follow their dreams.
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Anne Day has had an eclectic career from heading up charities to editor of a national magazine to working for government, but the focus has always been on women and 
children. As founder of Company of Women, her passion is seeing women realize their potential – be it in their career or their business. Making a difference is what drives me. Visit Anne @ www.companyofwomen.co.
Check out our live interview on Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real: https://youtu.be/2hKAJnSg5YI

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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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