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I wasn’t always spinning yarns. Before I started my own business by opening Fleece and Harmony, I was neck deep in the corporate world.  I found myself living in a large city, commuting 3 hours a day to an office and working 50 hour weeks. Originally from Nova Scotia, I was missing the the ocean, space and a place to find peace and quiet. My husband and I found a farm for sale in rural PEI and made the move 10 years ago. We are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and are the caretakers of 25 sheep, two horses and 8 angora rabbits.
To learn more, visit: https://www.fleeceandharmony.com   

When I’m not working I my enjoy family and friends. I believe life is all about relationships and so those connections are to be maintained and valued. I love music, travelling and animals. As a hobby, I perform as a musician – keyboard and vocals. My husband and I have enjoyed traveling to Europe, the Middle East, through North and Central America and various spots in the Caribbean. We currently enjoy the privilege of raising and training Zorro, our clever, excitable Olde English Bulldogge pup.  Visit www.rbaa.ca for more information.

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My love of art began in preschool when my mother signed me up for classes at the Tampa Museum of Art. Although I have had other careers, that love of art has never faded and I continued to develop my art skills via formal training and experimentation. Initially, the focus of my art was realism and impressionism. However, several years ago I made the switch over to abstract. My artwork has garnered international awards and has been selected for publication in a number of printed and digital magazines and an art book. My website is https://jlschwartzart.com/

I have been speaking professionally on multiple topics related to human lifestyle all of my working career, adding life coaching in 2010 when I became an entrepreneur. My spiritual gifts, guidance and mentoring came naturally in 2014. Clients hire me because they believe they will get the results they want and they feel better after working with me. Audiences find my messages, stories and spiritual gifts are powerful, meaningful and credible. Website: https://bosieinternational.com/

We are Dr. Elizabeth Rainwater and Dr. Latonya Rainwater, the proud owners of ELRSHOP. We are teachers, mentors, missionaries, mental health professionals and more! All educational products were developed based on the learning needs of children. Connect via LinkedIN @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/elr-shop-2751a337/

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Marisa Hopp is the founder and host of Le Salon Literary Discussions, a resource for avid readers who want to read and talk about great literature. Her blog, Further Reading, and Instagram (@lesalonreads) offers information on everything from author interviews to book-themed cocktails. She has a master’s degree in English literature and her creative writing works have been published in Cocktails with Miss Austen: Conversations on the World’s Most Beloved Author, Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-imagined, and Blink-Ink.
Connect with Marisa https://www.literarysalon.ca/

Debbie van Grieken is a mother of 5 sons and after a Melanoma diagnosis and treatment that required surgery she began looking for Natural alternatives to skin care for herself and her family. With a passion for Fair Trade and a desire to help others Debbie launched her Brand Moyaa Shea Products in 2016. Debbie lives in Lowbanks with her husband and enjoys playdates with her 2 grandsons. Connect with Debbie www.moyaasheabutter.com
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Lynn McLaughlin has just received the 2022 award for best Fiction Audiobook from the Independent Press for her book, “Jackson”.  A life-long educator, she served in various roles including Superintendent of Education. Lynn now teaches future Educational Assistants at her local College. Lynn hosts the inspirational podcast “Taking the Helm”, in its third year. A professional speaker, she leads us in tackling our barriers so that we can move forward to new and exciting possibilities.   An active Rotarian, Lynn is dedicated to community causes. She is a member of 100 Women Who Care Windsor/Essex and works tirelessly to support the goals of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Amber Raymond is a Master’s level Social Worker specializing in self-awareness and self-development. Amber now works one-on-one with individuals to help them achieve optimal holistic health. Amber is an advocate for non-conventional, evidence-based coping strategies and identifies as a loving and committed mother and friend. She is passionate about child mental health, lifelong self-care practices, self-exploration, self-love, and wellbeing. Amber Raymond was born in the small town of McGregor, Ontario and grew up in a family that emphasized the importance of helping those in need, learning to recognize those who struggle and do what it takes to help them

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Irina Mihaela’s business experience spans over two decades from an executive in high-tech corporate where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million, to business consulting and coaching for million-dollar companies. She helps entrepreneurs find their uniqueness, get clear on their purpose, transform relationships, and discover their inner wisdom and natural capabilities to expand from educated to enlightened. While highly strategic and results-oriented, Irina also uses her intuition and energy healing abilities to go deep with her clients and help them heal. Connect with Irina @ https://entrepreneurenlightenment.com/

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Adam Oldfield is the CEO of FPM3, an online advertising agency in Hamilton Ontario, Vancouver BC, New York and Orlando FL. Adam also holds the position of President CityHosting website hosting in Toronto and Vancouver, President of Vacu-Man Duct Cleaning, and has various other Canadian company investments. Adam is the host of TechTalk on syndicated Global Radio network across Ontario (900 CHML Hamilton, AM 640 Toronto), plays Chris Farley in an upcoming TV streaming series and is a part-time professor at Mohawk College to media students.  Connect with Adam at https://vacuman.com/
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