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Erika MacKay, Founder, Principal Interior Designer

Wellness and Your Workspace

Promoting Teamwork and Productivity through Interior Design

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In our gig economy, we need to encourage business innovation because every new company starts out as an incubator business. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor with a support network and each business mogul will remember the days when they started in the trenches with a great idea.

Each person who shares their story has been on a journey that started with a lightbulb moment, taking a leap of faith to start a business and share their great idea…

Erika MacKay is the founder and Principl at Niche for Design.A commercial Interior Design firm with a focus on providing design solutions that support business teams and reinforce brand identity.

With a commitment to the professionalism of her industry, she holds a BAA, Interior Design from Algonquin College and is a part-time educator at Conestoga College’s School of Media and Design supporting others on their creative journey.

What separates her business from the competition?

Erika and her team provide commercial interior design services, and focus on creating spaces and workplace solutions that support your health and wellness. 

How?  Your office environment should reflect your values and the way that you would like your business to be perceived. Whether you are accommodating a growing team, looking to attract top talent, or creating a more comfortable atmosphere; professional space planning will ensure that you are getting the most out of every square foot. She combines design elements that concentrate on colour and light while introducing natural materials and ergonomics to personalize your space and contribute to wellness in your workplace.

“We spend so much time indoors, and we know that the interior environment affects us both physically and mentally. We find that our clients are looking to get more our of their space.  They understand that their is an opportunity to create a positive experience for both their team and their clients that reflects well on the business as a whole.”

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Erika understands how your team becomes part of your extended family.  With a family business in office furniture sales, she has the ability to maximize your square footage through both products and service.  A boardroom that doubles as a retreat space, introducing a standing desk or simply ensuring that you maximize light, she is able to incorporate your lifestyle choices into your physical space.

We asked this dynamo to share her design philosophy?

Every workplace is a “culture connection” that includes sustainable design elements that meets the needs of you and your team.  Creating an environment of well-being in your physical space will enhance productivity and encourage teamwork. Erika wants your brand identity to become obvious to every customer that walks through your doors.

“Hamilton’s biggest and newest co-working space, CoMotion on King is proud to have Niche by Design as our design partner. Erika has been instrumental in helping us create the look and feel of our brand while helping us outfit our physical location. CoMotion on King wants to be a cool, functional, casual space that facilitates Hamilton’s growing small business community and Niche by Design has adhered to that vision and made it tangible.”  Tammy Hwang, President and CoFounder.

She received a wonderful compliment through peer recognition with the Young Entrepreneurs Award from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce in 2019 which increased her visibility within the business community.

Erika has enjoyed making connections in the Hamilton and Burlington business community and beyond.

With a commitment to connecting with her community, Erika began meeting business owners and identified a need to connect like-minded individuals.  Taking action, she discussed the opportunity with a colleague and before you know it co-founded a networking group called Hamilton Fempreneurs.   A no cost option for women to meet and share ideas.  It has been so successful that the on-line facebook community now has over 5000 members. Networking events introduce local businesses and their owners, monthly seminars and workshops share expertise and  these gatherings are hosted by their local YWCA.   This is a testament to her ongoing commitment for combining community, wellness and your work space.

As an entrepreneur, her vision is for you to be able to maximize your investment and thrive as a business owner.  As designers, Erika and her team will create an environment for well-being that communicates your brand identity.

Here are few highlights on Erika’s story:

1) Tell us a little something about your business …

In providing services and products, the overall goal is to help business’ get the most out of their space. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, often in our work environments. Through innovative interior design we aim to support businesses in creating spaces that; reflect their brand, attract and retain ideal customers and partners, support their teams and ultimately promote well-being.

2)      When was your lightbulb moment?

My decision to become an entrepreneur was more a series of small glimmers, than an obvious “lightbulb” moment. I grew up in a family business, but it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I really noticed the culmination of intrapreneurial and leadership roles throughout my life. Once I realized that I was more focused on the businesses that I was working for than the technical skills I had acquired, I knew it was time to take the leap.

3) Three words of advice…Passion…Innovation…Impact

I have always been motivated by the mission of making a positive impact through the pursuit my passions. Having passion makes us focused and driven, however it is also important to embrace the reality that we are ever changing as individuals. Innovation, is how I identify with growth- it is the constant evolution of ourselves, our gifts and our passions. Impact, on myself and the world around me, is how I evaluate my ideas and the direction in which I am “growing,” as a professional.


We thank Erika for sharing her story and wish her continued success as she continues to create workplace spaces that support wellness.  If your interested in speaking with Erika…visit her website and start a new conversation.

Check out our live interview on Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real: https://youtu.be/_aye0_uAi4E

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