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Thanks so much for the great November workshop. The information was really helpful for both sections,  food planning and stretches, and they were nicely connected. You really have the technology down and you run these sessions so professionally.  I also enjoyed meeting the other women who were so personable and candid.  Kind regards,

Anne Wootten
Wootten and Sommers
“I am an old school thinker in a new world attending my first on-line mastermind workshop through Invest In Yourself. It was fantastic!  Information was relevant for todays business climate and networking with business owners from other cities and countries was inspiring.  There is great value in the experience and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for professional development to participate in the series.”
John Williams
Williams Residential Design

Thank you so much for October’s Mastermind Workshop, Kick Start Your Great Idea.  I appreciated hearing perspectives from participants in other countries. The breakout sessions were a great opportunity to meet new people. When I get stuck, it is always because I am in my own way. This workshop gave me insight, resources and ideas that will keep me moving forward. I appreciate your energy, joy and professionalism and look forward to attending other sessions in the future.
Nice follow up. Your Mastermind certainly delivers a lot of value.

Sharon Gilmour-Glover
Business Consultant, Light-Core

The Mastermind workshop was an exceptional opportunity to connect with and learn from others who have a range of experiences and areas of expertise. As an entrepreneur, it’s a balancing act when you want to inform people of your products and services but not be perceived as self-promoting. I appreciated the concrete examples of how others are doing this with passion, by being “real” and building connections.   Thank you and I look forward to the next one!

Lynn McLaughlin

Thank you ever so kindly for inviting me to this event. I didn’t fully know what I was going to learn but I was surprised. Valuable information and I related to most of it. I didn’t even realize how much of that I already implement in my daily work life.

Nicely run and coordinated to boot within this whole virtual realm. I’m grateful to have been there. Thanks!!

Christine Brown
Friendly CAD Monkey, Architectural Technologist

“In “The Art of Standing Out Without Bragging”  experts Trish and Alexis masterfully share their tips, tools and techniques for self promotion. They foster a community of collaboration over competition as well as teaching how to identify and share your uniqueness, build relationships and attract enthusiastic ambassadors and referrals. If you are looking to build and promote your brand be sure to attend their workshops!”

Maura Joy Lustig
Transformational Coach & Artist

“A wonderful workshop which addresses the key issues that so many individuals struggle with. Unlike many workshops, Trish & Alexis gave powerful, actionable takeaways that one can begin to integrate immediately to see results. It’s clear her workshops are created with the intention to empower, connect, support, and inform. I have no doubt you will get value out of attending!”  Yours warmly,

Rachel Tenenbaum
Rachel Tenenbaum, PCC, CNTC, CPCC

Trish, it was a fabulous mastermind. Everything exceeded my expectations!! It was an incredible session. I took away so much value that I can implement right away.  Thank you!”

Bonnie Flemington
MBA, CNP, RNCP, Certifed Nutritionist

Thank you Trish. Thank you for organizing this excellent workshop. The exchange of ideas and best practices is invaluable for any small business.  Kindest regards,

Linda Barnett
The Travelling TeaRoom

“If you’re looking for a platform where connections can be made, then ShareYourStories.online is your ideal community. When Trish reached out and told me about her new series, I immediately jumped at this exciting and inspiring opportunity Being a part of this collective has enabled me to reach out to other women entrepreneurs, start conversations and grow my own podcast. Had I not been part of the exciting collective, I feel I would have missed out on making important connections.

Thank you, Trish, for including and featuring me in your series.. I always look forward to reading about each story and learning about her – what she believes and what brought her to where she is.”

Tanya Otterstien-Liehs
Self-Care Excpert, Health and Wellness Coach

“ShareYourStories.online has been a wonderful format to share my own story and support others in their journey as well. We all learn more when we connect with each other! My own 3 words of advice: start, believe and share, are all derived from what I have learned from my own mentors. And I’m thrilled to be a part of the Share Your Stories community that values making new connections to help us all grow and achieve more in our businesses and lives. Thank you Trish Tonaj for creating such a forum!”

Bonnie Flemington
MBA, CNP, RNCP, Certifed Nutritionist

I was so grateful that Trish Tonaj asked me  to check out her fabulous project shareyourstories.online and to consider being a guest blogger on this great platform!  I accepted and shared some of my fresh content as part of a series that is intended to support the entrepreneurial spirit by sharing our stories.

Love the way she has formatted the series!

As a contributor, you are asked what your “Lightbulb Moment” is and when it was, as well as your “Three Words of Advice” and why they matter to you and the best, but most challenging for me to come up with… what “Three words of advice” would you give the readers. It is deep yet simple.

Loved writing it!

But the best part is …..from that experience I have been asked to bring my content to a series of online summits as well as participate as an expert on a new Netflix style platform for dating. It gave me some very focused exposure as well as brought me into a community of great contributors.

Thanks Trish!  You are a connector and an empowering woman to boot!    Warmly,

Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE

Trish has created a space with shareyourstories.online where individuals have an opportunity to gain exposure to new people and markets. This exposure helps individuals gain self-confidence, credibility and exposure to those who may benefit from our services and products. With Trish’s input, I personally gained an understanding on how to present what I do to people I would not normally be exposed to… Trish has the ability to simplify the complex and this forum of sharing is much appreciated.

Shehnaz Hussain
Intuitive Financial Solutions, For the whatIFS in life