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Isabelle is a registered dietitian, and the co-founder of Remix Snacks. She started Remix back in 2018 during the last year of her undergraduate degree at McGill. Being in the food industry, she knew they could create healthier bean-based snack alternatives with upcycled ingredients, to reduce food waste.
Over the last 5 years, she’s grown their start-up from a school project, to airing on Dragons’ Den, to their snacks now being sold in over 600+ retailers across Canada.
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As an award-winning team-builder, educator, leader, and coach, I have been a featured speaker at corporate events at Microsoft, Smith-Barney, Puget Sound Energy, Fred Hutch Cancer Care Alliance; and at mega events like The Voices of Women Summit, Family Matters Summit, Health Wealth Wisdom, and The Best You Expo where I’ve shared stages with Marissa Peer, Mas Sajadi, Bernardo Moya, Bill Walsh, and Kim Serafini.
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From its humble beginnings, Unique Boutique has blossomed into a safe haven where women are celebrated no matter what size or age. My commitment to fostering a space where everyone can embrace their distinctiveness has made Unique Boutique not just a store but a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the beauty of self-expression through fashion.  Meet with Gosia here…


Drew Lederman (CEO and co-founder of Resist) started working in the CPG space as a copywriter, email marketer, social media manager, and content creator for brands like Thesis and Chix Soup Co. When she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance at 18, she struggled to find an on the go snack that didn’t trigger her hormonal symptoms or give her a fast blood sugar spike. That inspired her to launch Resist right out of college and embarked on a mission to make eating for hormone health easy!
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Drew Lederman joins us in this 5 part series where we interview the finalists
in the 2023 Enthuse Foundation Pitch Competition

Alison & Chloe met at Harvard Business School (’20) where they bonded as friends over their love of all things food & drink, and were inspired to start SAYSO together. Alison is a lifelong New Yorker, growing up in Westchester County, and Chloe was born & raised in Montreal, Canada. The two have a combined 10+ years of experience in retail and CPG. They both live in New York (Alison in Manhattan and Chloe in Brooklyn!) with their families.
You can learn more about SAYSO  here

Alison Evans joins us in this 5 part series where we interview the finalists
in the 2023 Enthuse Foundation Pitch Competition

Closing the loop on the 5 part special series with the winners of the
2023 Enthuse Foundation Pitch Compeition Chloe and Alison

Meet Alexandra, wife and mom who’s a passionate connoisseur of all things home. She’s an award-winning TV presenter on the Home Shopping Network and has left an indelible mark on HSN. Alexandra now transcends into the realms of culinary arts as the visionary force behind the brand In the Kitchen with Alexandra.
Alexandra stands as a testament to the power of passion and innovation. Her journey is a remarkable fusion of grit, faith, style, and artistry that continues to inspire and enchant.
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Alexandra Baker  joins us in this 5 part series where we interview the finalists
in the 2023 Enthuse Foundation Pitch Competition

I am a third-generation artist and fourth-generation entrepreneur, passionately sharing my creativity with the world. With over 20 years in marketing and digital design, I find myself incredibly blessed to have a gallery on the banks of the Grand River in Paris, Ontario. This serene space serves as both a showcase for my artwork and my office for freelance work. Whether it’s through my painting or through digital branding and website design, I am dedicated to bringing artistry to life.  Connect with Taren here   Visit the on-line gallery here.

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Katy’s mission is to empower people to embody colourful and easy lives so that they will live with joy and inspiration. She is a self-taught artist and has been painting with acrylics on canvas for over 14 years! Katy believes that everyone deserves to have colour in their world to feel joyful and inspired, every single day! Being the author of the book, The Empowered Creator, Katy strives to empower artists and creators to bring out the bravery, boldness, and confidence within them, so that they will see their worth and potential. You can find her work here.

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Katy’s
Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

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Dr. Doreen Downing is a Psychologist and Podcast host of Find Your Voice, Change Your Life. In conquering her own stage fright, she discovered being connected to your authentic self is the key to relaxed and confident speaking. She now specializes in the treatment of public speaking anxiety. Doreen is author of The 7 Secrets to Essential Speaking: Find Your Voice, Change Your Life, a book that teaches you how to transform your anxiety with mindful presence and connection.  You can download Doreen’s 7 Secrets to Fearless Speaking here.

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Doreen’s
Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

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After many years in corporate I saw the higher I climbed the less fulfilled I was. I began my Arbonne business as a side gig as a way to start building an asset for my family, not my boss’. Without any background in the health and wellness sector or in sales for that matter, I jumped in and learned the true meaning of mentorship through my leaders who continue to offer guidance. Because of my Arbonne business I built a safety net that gave me the courage to leave my corporate comfort zone and to finally have a vehicle that allows me to help others looking for more.   Connect with Cindy here and for more information on Arboone click here! 

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