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Dave Combs is a songwriter, entrepreneur, successful business executive, and best-selling author. Over the 40+ years he has written over 120 songs and created fifteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music, including the popular standard, Rachel’s Song. He is the author of the bestselling book, Touched by the Music. Visit Dave’s website: https://www.combsmusic.com/

For over 30 years, Laurel has been engaging and wowing audiences with her quick wit and acute understanding of content. As a Certified Adult Teacher (Sheridan College, 2006) and a Continuing Education Instructor (Sheridan College), she brings the principles of adult education and her corporate work experience to each presentation. Laurel easily builds rapport with audience members and leaves them wanting more with her hilarious anecdotes! She is the Founder of The Little Wellness Company Inc. a unique wellness collaboration and creator of numerous programs that support Women & Kids.  Visit Laurel at https://www.littlewellnesscompany.ca/

Born in Edmonton , I held very unique roles in the corporate sector, from The Edmonton Oilers, to the Lotteries, to Global TV. I moved to Calgary in 1997, with an opportunity with a charity in which a board role turned into a dream job. I started with nothing in Calgary. I managed to engage the corporate sector, had several successful fundraisers and hired an employee to assist.
CBWN is a passionate group my business and I grew from 27 to a database of over 1500 business women entrepreneurs www.cbwncanada.com

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Stacey Aarssen is an employee benefits specialist with over 17 years of experience working with the intricacies of small business. Businesses she’s worked with, have saved money, improved employee benefits, and increased moral with their teams. Her passion is connecting people with the right solution, that serves them the best. Outside of work, Stacey loves getting in the great outdoors with friends and family.
Connect with Stacey at https://benefitsredesigned.ca/

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For more than 40 years, I’ve taken the crash course in becoming the succession plan for my parents, worked with my spouse for over 23 years, and managed through many disruptions in my family business. While my background is in insurance, over the years I’ve learned to write, speak, collaborate, mastermind, and mentor. I’m now focussed on helping family owned businesses to achieve Harmony, Prosperity, and Freedom https://www.dreamteamconsulting.ca/

My name is Martinn, and I was born in Paris with British and American cousins with parents who always took the time to entertain friends and family visiting from abroad. Educated as a pharmacist, I was also a French language and culture teacher at the American School of Paris in Saint Cloud Garches, from 2003 to 2006. Now, as life will have it, I am the host at a BnB in Paris 2°, arrondissement offering guests a taste of the city through key2paris.com

Dawn Levine is the owner of Avalon Lavender Farm – along with her husband, Alexis – a mother to three and a former political communications planner. She bought her 55 acre farm in 2019, and boldly leapt into the world of agriculture, agritoursim, and product making shortly after. You can learn more on Instagram at @AvalonLavender or  www.avalonlavenderfarm.ca

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Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if your on the move here is the podcast.

I wasn’t always spinning yarns. Before I started my own business by opening Fleece and Harmony, I was neck deep in the corporate world.  I found myself living in a large city, commuting 3 hours a day to an office and working 50 hour weeks. Originally from Nova Scotia, I was missing the the ocean, space and a place to find peace and quiet. My husband and I found a farm for sale in rural PEI and made the move 10 years ago. We are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and are the caretakers of 25 sheep, two horses and 8 angora rabbits.
To learn more, visit: https://www.fleeceandharmony.com   

When I’m not working I my enjoy family and friends. I believe life is all about relationships and so those connections are to be maintained and valued. I love music, travelling and animals. As a hobby, I perform as a musician – keyboard and vocals. My husband and I have enjoyed traveling to Europe, the Middle East, through North and Central America and various spots in the Caribbean. We currently enjoy the privilege of raising and training Zorro, our clever, excitable Olde English Bulldogge pup.  Visit www.rbaa.ca for more information.

Join us for a live and unscrpited interview with Renee
Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if your on the move here is the podcast.

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My love of art began in preschool when my mother signed me up for classes at the Tampa Museum of Art. Although I have had other careers, that love of art has never faded and I continued to develop my art skills via formal training and experimentation. Initially, the focus of my art was realism and impressionism. However, several years ago I made the switch over to abstract. My artwork has garnered international awards and has been selected for publication in a number of printed and digital magazines and an art book. My website is https://jlschwartzart.com/

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