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Dawn Levine is the owner of Avalon Lavender Farm – along with her husband, Alexis – a mother to three and a former political communications planner. She bought her 55 acre farm in 2019, and boldly leapt into the world of agriculture, agritoursim, and product making shortly after. You can learn more on Instagram at @AvalonLavender or  www.avalonlavenderfarm.ca

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Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if your on the move here is the podcast.

When I’m not working I my enjoy family and friends. I believe life is all about relationships and so those connections are to be maintained and valued. I love music, travelling and animals. As a hobby, I perform as a musician – keyboard and vocals. My husband and I have enjoyed traveling to Europe, the Middle East, through North and Central America and various spots in the Caribbean. We currently enjoy the privilege of raising and training Zorro, our clever, excitable Olde English Bulldogge pup.  Visit www.rbaa.ca for more information.

Join us for a live and unscrpited interview with Renee
Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if your on the move here is the podcast.

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A Leadership and NeuroTransformational coach, expert speaker, and facilitator, Rachel is dedicated to catalyzing transformation for individuals, corporations, and organizations ready for change. Rachel and her co-facilitators help you build new neural pathways to shift you (and your organization’s way) of thinking, being, and doing for optimal growth. Connect with Rachel at http://www.iamliving.us/
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Rachel  joins us as a guest in Invest In Yourself – panel discussion on Meditation and “how to” find our zen moments,  “Peace of Mind is a State of Mind”

Jeff Brandeis worked 5 years in CPA firms taught him the Power of Process, as a sales executive for 25 years, came to discover most companies do not have a sales process. He also learned that CEO’s struggle with Time, Management and Money, without having any guidance or assistance led Jeff to create Brandeis Training Solutions and Brandeis Coaching. Jeff’s track record of success includes numerous industries, from startups to major companies and grows them. Jeff has grown revenues sometimes as high as 67%. He, speaks and has published two books. www.brandeistrainingsolutions.com    Check out the live interview on Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real https://youtu.be/K9DaC7A8DLY

Mariele is a former D1 collegiate track athlete who is fueled by all the obstacles & adversity in her life. She is a warrior who defeated Crohn’s Disease after almost dying weighing 79 lbs, malnourished, having 3 fistulas, a foot and half of her small intestine removed. She had to focus on healing her body and develop her mindset to be able to defeat Crohn’s Disease. After her life experiences she discovered her purpose for being left on this earth. She an authentic, sweet and inspiring Lifestyle Coach. Her goal is to help empower them to be the best version of themselves. https://www.lglifestyle.org/


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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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