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Tammy Adams loves to problem solve, inspire and motivate others who are ready and committed to change. She has spent over 30 years in the field of education, coupled with experience gained in the field of Human Resources. As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Tammy understands unresolved grief can limit an individual’s capacity for happiness and is gifted at supporting individuals through the pain and isolation cause by an emotional loss, of any kind, to a place of happiness they believed no longer existed. Connect with Tammy here….

Hi! I am a Community Builder and Positive Change Maker. I want to make the world a better, more connected and engaged place, through public acts of kindness. I help families and communities discover the unique skills and talents they have, that the world needs to create positive change. I am someone who loves to meet new people. I also enjoy helping others. The beach is my happy place. I have 1 hard rule: Don’t talk to me before i have had a cup of coffee. ( its safest for everyone HAHA) . Reach out come say Hi
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Executive leader in US and global health, wealth, and wellbeing with over 15 years of consulting expertise, specializing in client-centric solutions, health equity, product development, risk management, and business growth. Acting on continuous learning; with actuarial background, MBA and recently completed a year long executive program at Harvard Medical School. ‘Health at Work’ collaborations: Menopause, Mental Fitness, Diabetes, Inclusion, Obesity, Pregnancy

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Ruby Raja is an Author, and a Writer for Her Nation, an online magazine for women. I’d never measured the outcomes of my work until I completed my masters thesis. I soon learnt the power of giving information with the intent to impart knowledge to another person so they could find their way. I then created a domestic violence program, Define Yourself ! because the participants told me they didn’t know their rights or law until I shared the knowledge with them. I’d like to fracture cycles of abuse in families and strengthen them. By doing this, we protect children. Connect with Ruby here…

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I specialize in helping women, trans and gender non-conforming people, and underserved women streamline their businesses through tailored systems and strategies. With a passion for breaking barriers and fostering entrepreneurial success, my mission is to empower underserved populations. Discover more about how we can transform your business.  Connect with Jessica here…

Robbie Spier Miller is an expert in communication and human performance. So since 2006. She has helped thousands of people individually, and in organizations large and small, cut through the clutter, grow through challenges and achieve greater success. She teaches people how to excel in personal mastery, leadership, communication, relationships, public speaking and sales.

Robbie founded the Burlington Hypnosis Centre, and is the Director of Hypnosis Training Canada. She offers hands-on experiential coaching and training for real life results.  Connect with Robbie here…

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“Saril Vasquez, a triple-certified functional practitioner, helping women reverse hair loss naturally by uncovering root causes. After a decade of personal hair loss and pharmacy experience, she turned to ancient remedies for a long lasting solution. Her students “rewind the aging clock” through nutrition, daily practices, and personalized supplements, gaining confidence and clarity. As CEO of Belle Organix LLC, her vision is to replace the stigma of hair loss with empowerment and hope. “ Connect with Saril here…

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Saril  Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

Danielle Joworski’s failure to be visible in her first business is the catalyst for her work today helping female entrepreneurs conquer their fears of being visible so they accelerate their business growth and impact. She’s an award-winning businesswoman, a TV Host (The C-Suite on Rogers tv), a Business Mentor, and in 2023 was nicknamed the “visibility queen” by Exeleon Magazine. Danielle is dedicated to sharing #visibilitytruths, normalizing what it means to become more visible. Danielle lives in Ontario with her husband and kids with 2 and 4 legs.
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Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Dannielle  Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

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Since 2001, Karen Stultz has been coaching, studying, and designing programs and retreats for solution-focused entrepreneurs. Armed with a degree in hypnotherapy and certifications as a Master Coach and Integrative Wellness Coach, she has empowered women worldwide to reclaim their energy, time, money, and freedom without relying on pharmaceuticals, ensuring there’s more of YOU available for YOU.  As the host of the Awesome Life Podcast, Karen continues to inspire and uplift countless listeners. She resides with her husband of over 50 years in rural Maine. . Connect with Karen here..

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Karen   Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

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Alexia Georgousis is Naturopath and Soul Coach. She has always had a deep connection to ancient wisdom, energy, spirituality, and conscious awareness. Alexia has studied with a variety of innovative spiritual teachers to whom she is eternally grateful. She is passionate about helping others embody their aliveness in order to live as their authentic, creative selves, and most importantly – to know they have always been enough. Connect with Alexia here…

Join us for a live and unscripted interview with Alexia
Business Mentorship; Keepin It Real and if you’re on the move here is the podcast.

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