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My back ground is Engineering, I graduated in Aerospace Avionics. In 2011 I moved to London and was fortunate enough to be placed in their graduate engineering program. Not long into the program I was given the opportunity to work in innovation and technology, this is where I discovered my passion for finding ways to use tech to help companies and people. In 2016 I moved back to Australia and started a tech consultancy, which ultimately got me the position of CTO at mOOvement, a corporate start up from Rabobank.
My focus now is on www.TRVLR.ai and bringing it to the forefront of travel AI.

Shelley trains global audiences how to powerfully command executive presence and master the art of effective speaking. With over 30 years of senior level management and entrepreneurship, she understands the demands of the evolving workplace—with its emphasis on communication skills and leadership influence—and has helped hundreds of people in over 40 countries across a variety of industries develop the skills necessary to be empowering, remarkable speakers and lead with impact.  Connect with Shelley here…


My life has been in the healthcare field personally and professionally. As a child I was quite ill resulting in many hospital visits. I chose the path of pharmacist to help others to live better lives. My journey in life saw me change continents at a young age moving from Croatia to Canada. A lot of learning, and growth lead me to seize many opportunities in my field. Pharmacist, consultant, project/people manager, business development, leader, author.
It has been an amazing journey. This lead me to this point of entrepreneur to continue to make a
positive difference in the lives of others.  Connect with Marcia here.

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We share entrepreneurial stories to inspire great ideas...

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